Terry´s Steelhead in Clearwater River Anstein´s Salmon in Dalälven Monkey, Kvåle , Orkla Stadion, Gaula Bridge Pool, Gaula Elvestrand, Lower Alta Laird´s Cast, Little Blackhall, River Dee Seat, Little Blackhall, River Dee Raymond at Nedre Ekli, June -13 Harald at Nedre Ekli. June -13 Harald´s salmon with sea lice  Female Sea louse with egg string Foggy night on zone 5 , Byske River 105 cm salmon far downstream from Jockfall, Kalix River Delfur ppCustomrod and nice Speysalmon caught at Delfur Heggeniva, Phatakorva, Alta Skiferholan, Alta Small river in Finnmark, Norway A bended rod in Alta, Norway Alex and Lars, Nedre Ekli Wading, Rostajaure Rostajaure Spey Salmon ppCustom Delfur 15,6ft Green Highlander Spey Argentina Seatrout The Gaula Byske River zone 5 Byske River zone 5 Byske River Aug -16 Byske River Aug -16

Here we will publish pictures from our fishing trips. Make sure you also will be seen here soon!!