Doublehanded rods
Three different options for the handle, Basic, Burl och Wood. These three can than be made in either a more straight taper, (Scandinavian style), Speymodell and/or as Split Grip.
Prices in the charts are for handles made as Basic, regardless of what modell you choose. 
For Burl there's an extra of 72€uros and for Wood 89€uros. 

GoldenBrown GoldenBrown

A plus
My fastest rodmodel. The main part of the power in these rods are in the lower part. Just a short castingstroke is needed if shootingheads are used. Greatly balanced rods that works superbly with all types of casts and accellerations. 
All 4-piece, standard color is GoldenBrown

11,6ft #4/5   price 770€uros
12,6ft #6/7   price 810€uros
13ft #7/8      price 820€uros
13,6ft #7/8   price 820€uros
13ft # 8/9     price 835€uros
13ft #9/10    price 845€uros
14ft #7/8      price 860€uros
14ft #8/9      price 860€uros
14ft #9/10    price 875€uros 
15ft #9/10    price 925€uros
15ft #10/11  price 940€uros
16ft #10/11  price 955€uros
16ft #11/12  price 970€uros
17ft #11/12  price 985€uros
MatteGrey MatteGrey

Nordic Five
Rods based on the A+ blanks but these are all 5-piece to get them shorter during transport-tation. Slightly deeper action then the A+ but just as good for all types of casts and accellera-tions.
Standard color is matte grey.

12,6ft #5/6     price 850€uros
12,6ft #7/8     price 865€uros
12,6ft #8/9     price 880€uros
13,6ft #8/9     price 895€uros
13,6ft #9/10   price 910€uros
13,6ft #10/11 price 925€uros
14,6ft #8/9     price 935€uros
14,6ft #9/10   price 950€uros
14,6ft #10/11 price 965€uros
15,6ft #8/9     price 970€uros
15,6ft #9/10   price 985€uros 
15,6ft #10/11 price 985€uros

A rather unique but very functional insert is Foam. It's softer then cork and realy nice to grip.
I only use black foam and as it's black it attracts heat so it's perfect to have on rods used in the early spring or late fall.  
Foaminserts can either be small sections or even the whole handle.
Price 11-67€uros extra. 

Charcoal Charcoal

More power and stiffness at the tip on these rods compared to the A+ and also a bit slower in the action. Just as a dream with sinkinglines, skagit and shorter speylines.
All 4-piece, standard color is Charcoal

12,6ft #5/6   price 715€uros
13ft #6/7      price 730€uros
13ft #7/8      price 745€uros
13,6ft #8/9   price 760€uros
14ft #9/10    price 790€uros
15ft #8/9      price 820€uros
RedBrown RedBrown

Cast with two hands but fish as a single is the main idea with these rods.
Works with WF-lines, shootingheads and skagit. 
All 4-piece, standard color is RedBrown

10,6ft #6/7   price 665€uros
10,6ft #7/8   price 680€uros
10,6ft #8/9   price 695€uros
11ft #7/8       price 715€uros
11ft #8/9       price 730€uros
11ft #9/10    price  745€uros


If you don't find any handle you like from the Basic, Burl or Wood models you need a Custom handle. Here we can go out of the box and find the model, material and design that appeals you the most. It can be larger inserts of wood, whole handle made of wood and or burlcork or maybe make the handle of birch tree bark! Well almost anything is possible.

RedBrown RedBrown

Here's the rods with liftingpower! Powerful, stiff tips with a great modern speyaction suited for long, 75-100ft, Speylines. 
All 4-piece, standard color is RedBrown

14,6ft #9/10   price 960€uros
15,6ft #10/11  price 970€uros


Maybe the ultimate travelrods in the universe......
6-piece rods with the top two sections made as duplicates which makes it 8 pieces in total. The main rod and the original tip, section 5 & 6, are built in one lineweight and then the duplicate tip (5&6) are built one lineweight higher to make it easier to cast bigger flies, manage stronger wind etc. With the duplicate, stiffer tips the rod get a deeper action.
The travelrods are built on the A+ blanks as base.
Standard color is GoldenBrown

13,6ft #7/9    price 1455€uros
14ft #8/10     price 1510€uros
14,6ft #9/11  price 1555€uros

The Travelrods are now also available without the extra tips,just as 6-piece.

13,6ft #8/9      price 1060€uros
14ft #9/10       price 1080€uros
14,6ft #10/11  price 1110€uros

Smooth loading with great power and low weight compared to the old versions of the glassrods.
Wonderful slow action.
Standard color is Opal

10,6ft #6      price 650€uros
11ft  #7        price 675€uros
12ft  #7        price 690€uros
12ft  #8        price 690€uros

Prebuilt rods
Here I present the prebuilt rods I have for sale. It can be both new and demorods. 

Sage Method spey.
Ultra Superfast blanks with loads of power but they still cast and fish with great feeling.
All 4-piece.
The color is MagmaRed. 

12,6ft #8     price 1010€uros
12,6ft #8     price 1010€uros
14ft #9        price 1045€uros
15ft #10      price 1060€uros

SAGE X spey.
Fast action rods but with a crisp tip and quick recovery. The best of the best from SAGE.
4-piece,black colour

12ft #6        price 1040€uros
12ft #7        price 1040€uros
13ft #7        price 1040€uros
13ft #8        price 1040€uros
14ft #7        price 1050€uros
14ft #8        price 1050€uros
14ft #9        price 1050€uros
15ft #10      price 1050€uros

S-Glass 12ft line 8
Deep, deep action all the way down the handle but not soft and wobbling at the tip as the old rods.
Not a rod for the early season with sinking lines but for the delicate fishing, yes!
What a delight to play a fish on this rod!
Customhandle with inserts of burlcork. Burlwood reelseat, snake guides.
Delivered in rodsock and leather rodtube.
Price 710€uros

Scandinavian 13ft line 6/7 
Light and so smooth with deep action. The blank diameter is so thin that the rod feels like a single handed weight 4!
Custom Split Grip handle with inserts of burlcork and Ivoryimitation.
Just a diamond on the hunt for Seatrout, Steelhead and Salmon.
Reelseat with burlwood.
Light wire snakeguides.
Delivered in rodsock and alumiumtube.
Price 760€uros

Scandinavian 13ft line 6/7 
So light and with smooth deep action. The Split Grip handle makes the action go all the way down.
Just a superb rod for Seatrout, Steelhead and small Salmon. 
Lower handle all burl, top handle inserts of burl.
REC reelseat, black diamond light wire snakeguides. 
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 750€uros

Nordic Five 13,6ft line 9/10, Black Edition
Short but realy powerful rod for the big fish in smaller rivers like the swedish Mörrum etc.
Works excellent with shootingheads and skagitlines.
5-piece black colour, Black Edition, with RECoil snake guides. Reelseat with burlwood.
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 925€uros

Scandinavian 14ft line 9/10
The best all-rounder on the market. Works just as well with shootingheads as with Speylines. Powerful tip and deep slower action.
Snakerings. Customhandle and reelseat of burlwood and nickelsilver.
Brown/olive colour.
Price 820€uros

SAGE One 14ft line 9
A true masterpiece from SAGE. Great summerrod for all kind of lines and casts.
REC reelseat
Customhandle with inserts of burlwood and ivoryimitation.
Rodsock and aluminium rodtube.
Price 970€uros now 685€uros!!!