Palm CA 9 ft #5

2 395 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
More powerful than its "little brother" four. A very flexible and versatile rod that delivers on all distances. It is doing well with weight forward lines and short front tapers. Works as good with shooting heads and underhand casting.

Weight 99 g. Recommended line weight:  WF # 5 (Floating or sinking)        

Kraftfullare i aktionen än sin “lillebror” #4. Ett väldigt följsamt spö som levererar på alla distanser. Kastar bra med framtunga linor med kort front-tapering. Fungerar också bra med klumpar och underhands-kast.
Vikt 99 g. Rekommenderad linvikt :  WF-linor #5 (flyt el sjunk)     

Link: Palm CA 9 ft # 5 in action  
Link: Palm CA 9 ft # 5 "Spey-for-all" at the trout lake