OPST Commando Floating Tips

269 kr
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Commando Floating tips bring lazar sharp loops and delicate presentation to your skagit casting. Available from 5ft through to 14ft for 1hand and 2hand rods.

The lighter Commando Tips in 5, 7.5 and 10 foot lengths match rods from 6 to at least 11 feet long, making them ideal for just about any trout rod you own. Use a straight tippet or tapered trout leaders up to 9 feet long and longer for ultra-delicate presentations.
The slightly heavier SHS (Steelhead Salmon) Commando Floating Tips are available in 7.5, 10, 12 and 14 foot lengths. Designed for heavier single hand rods all the way up to full-length spey rods, they will work on rods at least as long as 14 feet.

All Commando Floating Tips come with welded loop at both ends, and a Tip-ID on the rear end.

OPST Commando Floating Tip, 5ft/1.52m, 20gr/1.29g
OPST Commando Floating Tip, 7.5ft/2.28m, 35gr/2.27g
OPST Commando Floating Tip, 10ft/3.04m, 50gr/3.24g
OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip, 7.5ft/2.28m, 55gr/3.56g
OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip, 10ft/3.04m, 75gr/4.86g
OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip, 12ft/3.7m, 90gr/5.83g
OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip, 14ft/4.27m, 110gr/7.13g