OPST Pure Skagit

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The Pure Skagit Rod line-up differs from the Micro Skagit line-up by being more focused to Spey/Skagit-type casting while in fact using BOTH hands for casting.
Represented by a 10’8” 6wt, an 11’ 7wt, an 11’6’ 8wt, and a 12’3” 9wt, they depart from the Micro Series in a couple of ways.  First, the upper grips are double-welled and thus more aligned with contemporary two-handed rods under 12’, while the lower handles remain switch-style. Also, these rods are faster than the Micro series, being a true medium-fast action that casts off of the upper third of the taper. This type of taper loads very well during the sweep phase of the Spey/Skagit casting sequence and also helps maintain that load into the forward cast, yet still yields a very crisp final delivery. This rod line-up is targeted toward the fishing of large Trout and Sea-trout, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon and Kings.

Model Overview & Line Recommendation
OPST Rods Overview & Line Recommendation
PURE-10’8″#6  4275g / 300g Commando Smooth Line or Commando Head
PURE-11’0″#7  4375g / 350g Commando Head
PURE-11’6″#8  4375g / 400g Commando Head
PURE-12’0″#9  4400g / 425g Commando Head