OPST Rainforest Waterproof Waist Pack

899 kr
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OPST Rainforest Waist pack
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The OPST Rainforest Waist pack has a large roll top fitted with a Velcro strip thus avoiding the inevitable leakage that occurs with zippers. The side straps are also adjustable so you can choose how tightly the bag is closed and make sure water stays out. The waist is fully adjustable and is fitted with a UTX buckle for added durability. In addition a padded insert keeps your tools and flies, organised whilst providing protection for things like mobile phones and cameras.  The front zippered pocket has drain holes to keep your tools and tippet from soaking for long periods. The pack can be worn with or without the removable sling, making it a perfect crossover hip pack/sling pack.
The OPST Rainforest Waist Pack is a lightweight hip bag for flyfishing photographers and everyone who wants to keep their tackle stays dry during heavy rains or an unwanted bathing session!