The season is now started and it's time to plan the upcoming trips and dream away on what it's ahead.

We are very proud to be able to offer Custom made SpeyCo flyreels this year. Hope you will find the reel of your dreams in our webshop!

During this winter we have update our rodseries PalmCA  to version 2.0. The new rods are now out and if we think they turned out realy great!
Check them out in the webshop.

We are also very proud of our co-operation with ALFA Fishing Products. Only positive feedback on these reels from our Pro Staff and loyal customers.

If your looking for flylines it's time to go Ballistic!

See You by the water…..
Anders och Pär


Sale for reels and rods

Closeout for ARO reels and 2017 edition of Palm CA rods.
Crazy prices!!
ARO salmon              395 kr
ARO Sea trout           300 kr
ARO Sea trout Excl   355 kr
Palm CA 14 ft #9/10  2000 kr (split grip)
Palm CA 9,6ft #6/7    1000 kr
Palm CA 9,6 ft #6/7   1500 kr (Spey-for-All)

Salmon fishing

Join us on Byske älv 18 - 23 June 2018.
Only 2 slots left
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Open salmon week

...for PePe Flyfishing Friends. Åselet , Byskeälven, zone 5    28 June- -5 July 2017

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From today we have an "ON SALE" category in our web shop. Check it out for dicounted items like fly tying products, reel seats etc..

Link to "ON SALE"

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Flyfishing closeout

At PePe Flyfishing´s shop in Bollnäs and online.
2016-08-27 11am to 3pm.
For details, please go to Facebook.

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It is still fly tying season. Check out our new videos and get inspiration
You get one link here: Fox wings
Go to Forum/Club and register with your e-mail address for access to all new videos the coming week. 

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Course program 2016

Basic and advanced single hand course. Basic and advanced Two hand course. Salmon fishing corse in River Byske.
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Springer in Spey

Join our trip to Scotland March 27 to April 3 2016.
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Qualified, stylish and affordable. We cooperate with the American company Taylor Fly Fishing. We have two of their reel models: TYPE 1 and THE ARRAY.
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Flyfishing made simple. PePe Flyfishing proudly presents our first Tenkara rod.
Link: Read more
Link: Video clip

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Check out our new video clip on "Spey-for-all" at the trout lake.
Incredibly smooth and easy going.
Link: http://youtu.be/WMr2WlvXxAU

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The magic eyes
The magic eyes
NEW Fly tying video

Check out our new video on PePe Forum/Club.

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Läs vår nya intressanta artikel om lin-kontroll och flug-kontroll. Registrera dig på PePe Forum/Club för att läsa hela artikeln.

"Many years ago one of my fishing masters taught me how to think when planning my casting in a river. 
Imagine a grid on the surface in front of you, he said. "

Registrera dig och läs mer.....

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Read our new interesting article on line control and fly control. Register for PePe Forum /Club (Free of charge) and read all our articles.

"Many years ago one of my fishing masters taught me how to think when planning my casting in a river.
Imagine a grid on the surface in front of you, he said.
Square one is just in front of you, and close to your bank".

Register and read more

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Check out our new and exhaustive fly tying video on PePe Forum/Club. Learn how to tie the famous HUMUS CORAL, short tube,
Register for access HERE, or go directly to PePe Forum /Club => Fly Tying Videos if you already are registered with us.

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Salmon fishing in the north of Sweden
Most fishermen worldwide knows about Norway´s great salmon fishing. For many of them the salmon fishing in Sweden is not that well known. Maybe you have heard about rivers like Morrum and Em, but have you heard about Lögde, Byske, Laino and Kalix?

Please register on PePe Forum/Club to read the full article.

How deep is your fly swinging??
Name two good reason why 85 % of today´s two hand fly fishermen are using shooting heads?? 
Simple and power saving casting technique. 
And………..yes, it is quick and easy to change your shooting head when you are changing pool. 
We are many along the rivers, myself included, who normally prefers to take ”the-golden- middle- way”. Instead we should consider the proper line for each pool. 

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We drove up for about 20 minutes and then stopped to get geared up. An information sign with a tiny roof on top off it, displaying information about the Lewis and Clark trail, did provide us enough shelter to get into our waders without getting to wet and cold. Standing like this, in the middle of nowhere, makes you wonder what is wrong with you?  Why put yourself through this agony when you could stay at home? Well, the answer goes without saying, this is our passion and ”no pain no gain” really is the truth when it comes to Steelhead fishing. 

Please, register on Forum/PePe Club.to read the whole article

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PePe Club

PePe Club is a restricted area on our web site where only You as a member have access.

Here you will find the archives for Fly of the week, interesting Fly Fishing  articles, new  Fly Fishing videos etc

Members of PePe Club have “Free Shipping” in our web shop.

From time to time there will special discounts for “members only”.

Please, register to PePe Club with your email address today. ( Go to Forum menu)

Membership will be free of charge until 2015-06-30..

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When my son was 5 years old he asked me if we could go fly fishing together. He had been with me on the hunt for Salmon in Norway and fishing for Sea trout in Sweden before, but this was the first time he wanted to fish with a fly rod on his own. 
“-We can give it a try” I replied but wasn't sure how he would be able to pull it off. Even with a light 7-8ft #3 rod it would be tricky for him to hold the rod properly and to get the right feeling when to stop in the back- and forward stroke.  Also the handle on a normal rod is way too thick for his hands. 
We went down to the local river on the quest for some Grayling, but straight away my fear for all the problems with the rod in his small hands came true.  The rod tip was difficult for him to control as the line made the rod heavy and the fly ended up being caught on the bank behind him. 
He would do much better spey casting, I said to myself. But doing so with a single handed rod is not easy, not even for experienced adult fisherman. 

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Fishing trip to Scotland 15-22 March 2015

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NEW Fly tying video

Check out our new video on PePe Forum/Club.

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1 & 2 May 2015, in the vicinity of Uppsala.
Fly tying - casting technic - fishing technic.

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NEW Fly tying video

Check out our new video on PePe Forum/Club.

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Happy New Fishing Year!!
We offer "Free Shipping" in the web shop all of January.
Use code: JANUARI

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24-26 June 2015
"Scandi style, fast fishing sinking lines"
(Read more).

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Finally we are online with our web shop. Payment through PayPal or Payson.
NB! If you would like to pick up your stuff in BOLLNÄS (no shipping) you still have to check the box "Use the same shipping address as the billing address" to be able to check out. The information that you are picking up the goods is still in the system.

Happy Shopping!!!!.

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Traditionally has the line between single hand and double(two-) hand fly fishing been sharp and clear. The introduction of switch rods some years ago was a step in a new direction. We would now like to take this one step further, by offering all our single hand rods in a "spey-for-all" edition. A short cork handle is added below the reel, with almost no effect on the balance of the rod. Besides the normal single hand casting style you can now use the relaxing double hand style on your single hand rod. You get more effect with less effort.  It is easy to "shoot" line in tight situations, get a little more "power" without overstrain and to play fish with better stability. Curious? Join one of our events and try it yourself..

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Palm CA 9 ft # 9 Spey-for-all
Palm CA 9 ft # 5 Spey-for-all

COntact: PePe Fly FISHING

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Mailing address:  Västerleden 46,  745 62 ENKÖPING

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