OPST Lazar Running Line

380 kr
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OPST Lazar Running Line har tagits fram efter flera år av strävan efter att få till en skjutlina som kastar längre och har mindre linminne än andra skjutlinor utan coating på marknaden!

OPST’s Lazar Running Line is the slickest running line out there. This is the line for those of us who love to launch a cast, sit back, maybe eat a sandwich while the line rushes out of the guides and pulls line off the reel as it comes tight. OPST Lazar Running Line is hydrophobic, extremely durable, consistent over a broad range of temperatures, and virtually impervious to memory. It features a slight, calculated stretch that allows for extremely sleek and strong knots. Don’t like Skagit casting? This stuff will rock with your Scandi head as well. OPST searched far and wide for the perfect running line and they knew they could do better than what was out there. Take your casting enjoyment to a whole new level with Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line!

Lazer Running Line 30lb/0.43mm, 50m, green
Lazer Running Line 35lb/0.47mm, 50m, green
Lazer Running Line 40lb/0.52mm, 50m, green
Lazer Running Line 50lb/0.57mm, 50m, green