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Flugfiske på ett enkelt vis!!   PePe Fly Fishing kan nu stolt presentera vårt första Tenkara spö. För mer info, följ länkar nedan.
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Check out our new video clip on "Spey-for-all" at the trout lake.
Incredibly smooth and easy going.
Link: http://youtu.be/WMr2WlvXxAU

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Kolla in vårt nya video clip med "Spey-for-all"-spöt vid Hjällsjön, Söderfors.
Otroligt smidigt och lättfiskat.
Länk: http://youtu.be/WMr2WlvXxAU

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"Kolla in" vår nya flugbindningsvideo. Det här är den första i en serie av filmer som handlar om olika delar av en tub-fluga. Den här videon tema är olika Hackel

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Läs vår nya intressanta artikel om lin-kontroll och flug-kontroll. Registrera dig på PePe Forum/Club för att läsa hela artikeln.

"Many years ago one of my fishing masters taught me how to think when planning my casting in a river. 
Imagine a grid on the surface in front of you, he said. "

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Spana in vår nya detaljrika video om hur man binder en HUMUS CORAL på kort tub.
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Salmon fishing in the north of Sweden.
Most fishermen worldwide knows about Norway´s great salmon fishing. For many of them the salmon fishing in Sweden is not that well known. Maybe you have heard about rivers like Morrum and Em, but have you heard about Lögde, Byske, Laino and Kalix?

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How deep is your fly swinging??
Name two good reason why 85 % of today´s two hand fly fishermen are using shooting heads?? 
Simple and power saving casting technique. 
And………..yes, it is quick and easy to change your shooting head when you are changing pool. 
We are many along the rivers, myself included, who normally prefers to take ”the-golden- middle- way”. Instead we should consider the proper line for each pool. 

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We drove up for about 20 minutes and then stopped to get geared up. An information sign with a tiny roof on top off it, displaying information about the Lewis and Clark trail, did provide us enough shelter to get into our waders without getting to wet and cold. Standing like this, in the middle of nowhere, makes you wonder what is wrong with you?  Why put yourself through this agony when you could stay at home? Well, the answer goes without saying, this is our passion and ”no pain no gain” really is the truth when it comes to Steelhead fishing. 

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PePe Club

PePe Club är en del av vår hemsida där endast ”Du” som är medlem har access.

Här hittar du bl a Veckans Fluga (bindbeskrivningar) biblioteket, intressanta flugfiske artiklar, och snart också video med bindbeskrivningar m.m.

Medlemmar har ”Fri frakt” på alla varor i butiken.

Erbjudanden med rabatter för ”Endast medlemmar” kommer regelbundet.

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Helt gratis.

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When my son was 5 years old he asked me if we could go fly fishing together. He had been with me on the hunt for Salmon in Norway and fishing for Sea trout in Sweden before, but this was the first time he wanted to fish with a fly rod on his own. 
“-We can give it a try” I replied but wasn't sure how he would be able to pull it off. Even with a light 7-8ft #3 rod it would be tricky for him to hold the rod properly and to get the right feeling when to stop in the back- and forward stroke.  Also the handle on a normal rod is way too thick for his hands. 
We went down to the local river on the quest for some Grayling, but straight away my fear for all the problems with the rod in his small hands came true.  The rod tip was difficult for him to control as the line made the rod heavy and the fly ended up being caught on the bank behind him. 
He would do much better spey casting, I said to myself. But doing so with a single handed rod is not easy, not even for experienced adult fisherman.  

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2015-03-15--22 Fiskeresa till Scotland.

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Tvåhands kastkurs

2015-04-25 och 26 i Dalälven, Älvkarleby, Fla
Scandi- och Skagit stil

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1- 2 dgr. Läggs upp enligt deltagarnas önskemål. Genomförs i BOLLNÄS.

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1-2 dgr. Enligt deltagarnas önskemål. Genomförs i Bollnäs.

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1 & 2 maj 2015, i närheten av Uppsala
Flugbindning, kast- och fisketeknink.

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21 feb 2015. 09.00-15.00. Västerleden, Enköping
Lax och havsöringsflugor

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Gott Nytt Fiske År.
Vi erbjuder "Fraktfritt" i butiken t.o.m. 2015-01-31.
Använd kod: JANUARI

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PePe Flyfishing genomför laxfiske kurs i Åselet 24-26 juni.
Scandi stil. "Snabbt fiskade sjunklinor"

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Palm CA 9 ft # 9 Spey-for-all
Palm CA 9 ft # 5 Spey-for-all


Anders Öberg 070-6532810
Postadress:  Västerleden 46,  745 62 ENKÖPING

Pär Palm 070-5955484
Post-och besöksadress: Anneforsvägen 47 82141 BOLLNÄS




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