Welcome to ppCustom by Par Palm

Here I present a wide selection of professionally tied flies in many different categories to cover all fishing season long, mostly för Salmon, Seatrout and Steelhead. I don't have any flies in stock, all are tied on orders by the clients request.  
The essence of my flytying is to adapt material, movement, weight etc after the different situations each fly is designed for. 
If you hesite about what flies most suited for your fishing, just contact me and I'lI give you a hand to pick out the patterns. 

I build customrods with the finest material and details avaliable. The blanks I use are my own ppCustom, made by CTS and a few other manufacturer. The rods action, numbers of sections, color, design etc are selected together with the client. 
When and if I have the time I also do rebuidling of rods off other brands.
If you like to build your own rod I sell rodbuildingkits and blanks. Se more at the webshop.

Orders on flies, rods etc can be made by useing the form under the meny Contact or by regular mail, phone or visit here at my shop. More info under Contact.
Deliverytime for flies are about 2-8 weeks. For rods, blanks etc the deliverytime is very depending on what I have in stock and how many orders there is waiting.

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