Doublehanded rods
Three different options for the handle, Basic, Burl och Wood. These three can than be made in either a more straight taper, (Scandinavian style), Speymodell and/or as Split Grip.
Prices in the charts are for handles made as Basic, regardless of what modell you choose. 
For Burl there's an extra of 19€uros and for Wood 29€uros. 

Spey Xi
Power and feeling combined in these rods. Mediumfast action. 
Olive green

12,6ft  #8/9        price 668€uros
13,7ft  #9/10      price 676€uros
14,8ft  #10/11    price 685€uros

Cast with two hands but fish as a single is the main idea with this rod.
Works with WF-lines, shootingheads and skagit. 
Color Matte Black

11ft #7               price 400€uros
11,6ft #7/8         price 400€uros




My fastest rodmodel. The main part of the power in these rods are in the lower part. Just a short castingstroke is needed if shootingheads are used. Greatly balanced rods that works superbly with all types of casts and accellerations. 
All 4-piece.
Blanks made by CTS
Color is Charcoal
Delivered in carbon rodtube

12,6ft #8/9      price 865€uros
13ft # 8/9        price 873€uros
14ft #9/10       price 882€uros 
15ft #10/11     price 890€uros
16ft #11          price 916€uros

Spey X
Modern action rods for fishing with lighter lineweights.  
All 4-piece
Olive green

12ft #6/7            price 531€uros
13ft #7/8            price 548€uros
14ft #8               price 582€uros
14ft #9/10          price 582€uros

Smooth loading with great power and low weight compared to the old versions of the glassrods.
Wonderful slow action.
Color iHoney yellow

11ft  #7          price 648€uros
12ft  #7          price 658€uros
12ft  #8          price 658€uros

Highlander Travelrod
6-piece travelrods with a wonderful mid deep action.
Built on the base blanks from my Highlander.
Blanks made by CTS
Color Charcoal
Delivered in carbonrodtube

13ft #6/7           price 1079€uros
13,6ft #8/9        price 1104€uros
13,6ft #8/9        price 1104€uros
14ft #9/10         price 1120€uros
14,6ft #10         price 1120€uros