There's three options to choose from. Basic, Burl and Wood. 
Prices in the charts are for handle Basic, for Burl there's a an extra of 19€uros and for Wood there's an addition of 29 €uros on the prices.
Extended is 10€uros extra regardless of what model choosen . 
Custom has no fixed price, it set from handle to handle.


Rods for the true purist and the delicate fishing with long and thin leaders, mainly in smaller streams and ponds.
The Classic rods are realy smooth and slow in the action but still light and crisp in the presentation. 
All 4-piece,
Color Matte Black

8,6ft #4         price 319€uros
9ft #5            price 328€uros

Quick loading, fast action rods with plenty of feeling. One of  the most all-round rodseries I have.
Color Forest Green

9ft #4             price 386€uros
9ft #5             price 396€uros
9ft #6             price 396€uros
9ft #7             price 396€uros
10ft #3           price 396€uros
10ft #4           price 396€uros

Bleu Acier
Fast, progressive rods with a short loadingstroke. Works just as good for speycasting as for overheadcasting. 
Very thin diameter on the blank that makes them cut the wind with very little resistance. 
All 4-piece
Color Glossy Steel Grey

8,6ft #3        price 522€uros
9ft #4           price 531€uros
9ft #5           price 541€uros
9,6ft #6        price 551€uros
9,6ft #7        price 551€uros
10ft #7         price 560€uros
10ft #8         price 560€uros

Nordic Five
Nordic inspired 5-piece rodseries for shorter transportlength. Slightly deeper then the Bleu Acier but handles all types of casts and acceleration.
Color Matte Grey.

9ft #4           price 560€uros
9ft #5           price 560€uros
9,6ft #5/6     price 580€uros
10ft #6/7      price 599€uros
10ft #7/8      price 599€uros


6-piece travelrods with smooth, crisp action and speed. 
Color Black

8,6ft #4          price 570€uros
9ft #5             price 580€uros
9,6ft #6          price 589€uros
10ft #7/8        price 609€uros


Very popular rods with smooth loading and great power compared to the old glassrods.
Wonderful slow action.
Color Honey yellow

6,6ft  #2         price  435€uros
7ft  #2            price  444€uros
7,6ft  #3         price  450€uros
8ft  #4            price  454€uros

Fast, powerfull rods that loads with just a few overheadcasts.  
All 4-piece.
Color Ocean Blue

9ft #6          price 464€uros
9ft #8          price 473€uros
9ft #10        price 483€uros

M.M. Nymph
2-piece customrods designed for fishing with heavy nymphs.
The key in this fishing is a long, light rod in a low lineweight. Together with one of the best nymphfishermen, Mauro Mazzo, I have designed these superb rods for nymphing!
Color Mattgrey 
Delivered in rodsock and leathertube.

10ft #3              price 522€uros
11ft #3              price 541€uros

Fast action rods with crisp tip and quick recovery.
The best of the best from SAGE.
4-piece, black colour

8,6ft #4         price 880€uros
9ft #4            price 880€uros
10ft #4          price 880€uros
9ft #5            price 880€uros
10ft #5          price 880€uros
9,6ft #6         price 880€uros
9,6ft #7         price 880€uros
10ft #7          price 880€uros
9ft #8            price 880€uros
10ft #8          price 880€uros

Stocked rods
Here's what I have in stock regarding prebuilt rods that's up for sale.
Can be both brand new and demorods.  


Windtalker 9ft line 4
Fast action, light rod with lots of precision.
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 386€uro


Travel MX 9,6ft line 6/7
A superb medium action rod. Great for travel with a transport length of 55cm. 
Snakeguides and aluminium reelseat.
Olivegreen blank with lightbeige wrappings.
Delvered in rodsock and aluminium rodtube.
Price 532€uros


Windtalker 9ft line 7
Fast action powerful rod suited for hard fishing in lakes or coastal.
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 396€uro



A + 9ft line five
The best of the best that I can build in terms of balance, low weight and medium fast taper that works deep down in the rod. 
Black snakeguides with dark wrappings. ALPS carbon reelseat.Handle with inserts of burlcork. 
Delivered with rodsock and carbon rodtube.
Price 562€uros


Windtalker 10ft line 3
Crisp rod for nymphfishing where the rod should be hold high to get a direct contact with the fly. 
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 396€uros


Salt 9ft line 8
Fast action rod suited for Coastal, Pike, Saltwaterfishing but also big game in rivers like Salmon, Seatrout and Steelhead. 
Best suited for overheadcasting.
Snake guides.
Delivered in rodsock and aluminiumtube.
Price 473€uros
Classic 8,6ft line 4
Crisp rod for the true purist that fish with long thin leaders.
Best suited for small streams and ponds.
Delivered in rodsock and alumiumtube.
Price 319€uros

Salt 9ft line 12
Beast of a rod is the best way to descibe it but this rod still cast with feeling but it's when the Tarpon has taken the fly that the rod comes in it's true element. 
Extended handle.
Black ALPS reelseat and snakeguides.
Delivered in rodsock and carbontube.
Price 578€uros