Welcome to ppCustomrods
I take pride building my rods with the client in focus. The options are huge, the color of the blank, sections, action, shape and design off the handle, inserts and then ofcourse the length and lineweight on the rod.
The blanks I use are my own ppCustom, many built by  CTS.
My ppCustomrods are devided in single- and doublehanded both also in many different subcategories depending on action and what the rods are designed for.
All rods have lifetime warranty due to manufactoring faults. The rods are delivered in rodsock and aluminium/carbon rodtube. 
Every now and then I have prebuilt rods in stock and they are then presented under each meny for single- and doublehanded but normaly all rods are built by order.
The deliverytime can sometimes be rather long so place your order in time. 
As all my rods are customorders I charge 50% off the price by order and then the remaning 50% at delivery. 

My ideas regarding rodbuilding is to find the optimal rod for each client. This can lead to very "special" rods and for me that is the big challenge.
How can this then be made possible? CTS, that builds my blanks, are unique in the way that they can produce just one blank built in a specific way. This means that your rod can be "one off a kind" in all ways possible. Useing my demorods I can change actions and stiffness to find the best rod for you. As examples on real customorders I have built doublehand rods in 11,6ft in #3/4, 15ft in #5, doublehandrods with exta buttsection making it a single aswell. Extra tip in a higher lineweight that makes the rod stiffer and deeper when that tip is used. The list can go on and on. The options of finding the prefect rod for you is huge. 

To give the rod a unique look I use inserts in the handle. The inserts can be burlcork, stabilized wood and/or ivoryimitation.
All these inserts are just as durable as the cork itself and don't require any extra maintenance. 
The regular cork I use are the highest quality and I import it myself from Portugal. 

The reelseats I use are made by REC, Bellinger and a few models made by be.
The guides are RECoil single or snake, both models flexable and thin.
On my Speyrods I use regular, thicker snakeguides.


The options for the handle is many. For the singelhandedrods there's the regular cigarr, half- and fullwell models. If you prefer a longer handle there's the Extended handle that gives you the option to move the upperhandle up on the rod when your fighting a fish. 

For the twohanded rods the options are a regular upperhandle or a handle that doesn't go all the way down to the reelseat, so called Split Grip
The more regular/traditionall upperhadle can be made either rather short and straight (scandinavian) or a more tapered Speymodell. 
If your looking for something realy extra there's the option of Custom, there you can choose and shape and material.  

To make the rod even more custom I inserts feathers under the varnish down by the handle. Small JC-feathers can also be inserted at each ferrule to easier line up the rod straight when its assembled. Can be a good thing to have on a doublehanded rod if it doesnt have any guides on the buttsection. 
The rodlabels are texted by hand with white ink. Your name can be written on the rod without any extra charge. 

Rebuilding of rods
When I have the time I can rebuild your favourite rod for you. Can be both cane- and carbon, single- and doublehandedrods. The price depends on how much of the old I need to take away, the handle, reelseat, wrappings etc and then ofcourse depending in how you prefer to the rebuild to look.